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Yea, I have some. I thought you were going to get some from Cathy Smiths slide show you dub!!!! Get on the stick and pay attention!!
I have a ton of photos and I sent a disc to Aaron as well. You can always ask him and I think Branson has some photos too. I don't know if Branson will give them up though as he is very protective, you know being fast and all. By the way, were the heck is the second news letter of the season? It's almost over and we have only seen just one. Don't you know you are supposed to concentrate on the USCRA and not anything else???


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I have no freakin photos, I wasn't at the Streets of Laconia event.

And I wouldn't give them up if I did. They are copyrighted and I hoard them, holding them to my chest like a wild woman suckling a baby wolf

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