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Hey Joe C

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Did you hear Collin Edwards is going to Aprillia to ride the CUBE in Moto GP?
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after what honda did, i can see why hed want to move. i dont think its been an inked deal yet. they are trying to get michelin onboard but i dont think its going to happen. at least not from what his website is saying. i think he really wants to run with the mich's, especially after his brief stint with dunlop. anyway, yeah, kirsten actually follows it pretty closely. she is after all a maniac about the entire thing. we'll see how he does against rossi next year if he shows to race. theres alot of really good competition in gp. edwards is a pretty good rider though. i think the aprilia will need some serious sorting though. haga didnt do great on the aprilia but he was pretty consistantly at the front of the pack. that bike had gobs of power it seemed. hopefully the gp bike will be similar. eh....only time will tell. i'll still watch. the question is whos going to dominate world superbike next year. so many people have left it, it'll be a crap shoot.

the best part will be watching edwards and bayliss go at it again.

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ahh, i guess that he did get mich too. and his web site now says hes definitely going. huh, guess it'll be cool. i do like the aprilias. kirsten and i have even gone to look at buying a scooter. dumbassed place near here didnt even have one to ride. sucks.

chuck i watched the gp race today and they said the deal still wasnt inked for edwards at aprilia. they had hayden on and kr junior. nick still hasnt gotten to ride the v211 and doesnt know when it'll happen. what do you think about ducati next year, seriously?

1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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