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jan 26-31

we arrive sunday am. leave sometime at the end of the week. we have to be out of the condo on thursday, i think. maybe friday. no i think thursday. why??? thinkin a commin??? did she finally take your advice and find someone better?? id love if you came up. it would totally rock. and bring some people from the group here. you know for a day or so. you could come up on sunday, ride, catch up with us, stay the night, ride mon then leave. that way youd only miss one day! all youd owe us is some beers or something.

i got some todd henning stickers this week in the mail, and have been searching for a magna tach online to buy. where do you keep your bikes anyway??? at the shop?? i think i might be able to get a track stand outta my dad for xmas this year since i know how much you hate my stand. i think im going to try and set up some new rearsets too. so maybe i might steal your trackstand idea. now that would be impressive!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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