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Hey Ya'll...newbie needs advice!

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Hey guys, I'm new to metrics...I've been into American V-twins for the last 5 years or so. Choppers and Customs mostly, anyway I recently got turned on to Cafe Racers, really dig the style and at the same time looking for something as a daily rider to get back and forth from work and scoot around the city. So I've decided I'm going to build a Cafe Racer for my daily rider. I want to use the Honda CB750 as a base, thinking about an early to late 70's model. So my question is there any certain model or year that is better then another year to build off of? Maybe some years have better handling then others or better drivetrain/engine then others? Any help would be much appreciated.

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your breakdown of the classifications of 750s was enlightening!
I have been looking for this kind of info on CB350s so it was great to see it here for the 750
I had just found out from this site
that mine is a CB350K3 Super Sport
I knew it was a Supersport from a vintage add but had been looking for that missing letter and was coming up short. ( i would have guessed that it was a S for SuperSport-and that would have been wrong)

The info isn't anywhere in my owners manual or the shop manuals and it came into question when I was about to order a part and I was dubmfounded
(easy for me since I know squat)
Are these Letter Classifications found somewhere on the bike or in the Vin #
for future reference or is it just based on years/chronology?
Is there some sort of list somewhere that you can look up a vin and cross reference?
Are these versions pretty much the same across the different size CC models?
ok one more..
would the errant G model be one with Disk Breaks?

This site was also helpful for my 350 hunt
Even though the type is black and you have to cut and paste it somewhere else to read it.

Thanks for the copious amounts of helpful info
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Thats Pretty funny
Thats the same site where i saw the brochure for my bike and learned
of its SuperSport Status
The Resto just happens to be on my exact bike
Lucky Me
I felt like i hit the jackpot when i found that
Thanks for passing it on

The best I could do for a shop manual was that Helm Service Manual
but its really not much better than the Clymer that I already had.
Is there a place to get a better one?
Also bought a Haynes that I saw but for later years(73-77) just cuz it had actual photos and was clear.

I had heard about the rectifier because I was having problems keeping my battery juiced in the beginning.
Died to a FULL STOP on my first ride out to Forrest hills in the fall.
Put a new battery in and have since learned to skimp on daytime light usage and use the Electric Starter less
but this isnt a 350 thread so I will stop my yammerin

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Dang Geeto!
You are a virtual warehouse of information
No, an actual warehouse.

"In the mid 1990's honda went computerized with their parts fiches so it no longer became necessary to have a book. Still the information is still being compiled and is now published by helm inc, makers of auto and motorcycle manuals. their version of the book retails for $33 and seems to have all the same info that the old books had, although I have not yet seen one."

So the Helm Fiche Book is obviously different than the Helm Service Manual that I got.
Guess I will root around for that.

I wanted to believe that the CB was for Cafe Bike but I knew that was just wishful projecting. I thought it might be for City Bike too, so good to know the real origin is for the frame.

So much to learn.
Thanks Again
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