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Hi all - CB450 project bike inside

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Hey all, just checking in. Today is my birthday, so I conned the wife into spending some cash:

Only $50 bucks! Got a title and everything.

As you can see, the fork seals don't exist anymore, and the bike is very grimy with green and rusty corrosion in lots of places. The motor does turn over though. It's got a CB500 motor in it, apparently the guy that owned it before wedged it in.

That's the original tank sitting there on the floor, but I'm told it leaks, and it's crusty inside, so it may not be worth saving.

The mufflers you see on the floor are off some Harleys and the guy had his own CB with these on it, I've got em so I can pass inspection after I get it running, as the originals are cracked in a bunch of places and kind of rusty.

Heck, I even got the key, bonus!

If you follow this (\11\23\bikepics-472165-full.jpg ) you'll see pretty much what I'd like to do to it.

Happy birthday to me!
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a total rebuild would be a pain. if she turns check the compression, do a leak down test, change the fluids, clean the filter, pry the clutch plates apart.... plenty to do. In my experiance these Honda engines will run after sitting quite a while as long as you make sure everything is solid. new battery, new plugs, check ALL bullet connectors, check that all switches work... you should be able to get it to fire if all this stuff is done. get a factory manual NOT a clymer/ hayes. Engine is too complicated for their vague info.

450 and 500 engines are FUNCTIONALLY the same, diffrent cylinders and transmission gearing. of Contents.html
...and thats just to get you started. get to reading! We are not even getting to the parts available. that'll be up next.

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