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Hi all - CB450 project bike inside

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Hey all, just checking in. Today is my birthday, so I conned the wife into spending some cash:

Only $50 bucks! Got a title and everything.

As you can see, the fork seals don't exist anymore, and the bike is very grimy with green and rusty corrosion in lots of places. The motor does turn over though. It's got a CB500 motor in it, apparently the guy that owned it before wedged it in.

That's the original tank sitting there on the floor, but I'm told it leaks, and it's crusty inside, so it may not be worth saving.

The mufflers you see on the floor are off some Harleys and the guy had his own CB with these on it, I've got em so I can pass inspection after I get it running, as the originals are cracked in a bunch of places and kind of rusty.

Heck, I even got the key, bonus!

If you follow this (\11\23\bikepics-472165-full.jpg ) you'll see pretty much what I'd like to do to it.

Happy birthday to me!
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As long as it isn't seized up, should be relatively easy to get running. Looks like those carbs been puking for a long time. Might be a good place to start. Electrics may be an issue considering its an engine swap (who knows what kind of "quality" wiring the previous owner(s) subjected the poor girl to? Don't be too dismayed if you find some lamp cords duct taped in there.)

Give it a good brillo-job and a fresh battery (you can jump start bikes from a car battery - just don't do it with the car running). Buy some new plugs, pull the carbs, remove the float bowls and spray the shit outta them with carb cleaner (get in the jets and metering passages real good). GET A MANUAL and check the points/timing and kick her over. Good Luck!

Honda go sideways!

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excellent, only 1 manual to read! thanks for the many links.

To buy:

MM Oil
Engine oil
Spark Plugs

and carb cleaner, a LOT of carb cleaner.

I've used brake cleaner to de-crust electrical fittings too (works great on hornet's nests too).

Honda go sideways!
Don't worry about it. The Big Red's got you covered.

Honda go sideways!
Congratulations on your new baby. In the interests of science you could paint your boy's room pink and leave him in there. See if all this "gender role imprinting" mumbo jumbo has any truth to it....just a thought. Its fun to mess with kids' heads.

The bike shouldn't be that hard to crank over. Checked the valves?

Honda go sideways!

Will these run without a battery?

You're probably better off getting it running as is (with a fresh battery).

Where are you in the process of firing it up right now? Post a step-by-step of what you are doing and maybe one of us can help.

Begin with:

1. Oil topped off.

2. Clean plugs.

3. Fresh (or freshly charged) battery.


1. Pull one plug and re-insert it into the plug wire boot.

2. Turn the ignition on.

3. Hold the plug from #1 next to the engine case and kick it over a couple of times, look for a spark.

3. Check for spark on both sides.

4. If you've got good (read: blue) spark on both sides, great. Worry about timing a little bit later.

Got spark?

Honda go sideways!

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Looks great!

Nice one on the front wheel.

What's your solution for a taillight? I'm always looking for bump stop/brake light ideas.
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