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Hi there from a (semi) new project bike builder :)

Well, this COVID-19 Shitshow has done one thing at least......force fed me some downtime (ie locked up at home) and propelled me into a project I've been imagining for quite a while now.

My old 92 XR 250 served me faithfully for many years.....well, they're kinda rose coloured glasses, she was a bugger to start if you tipped her over (which I did a fair bit) and was generally just a heavy old tractor, but she was my first dirtbike and I still love her. :)

I've given her a few facelifts over the years, but they were mostly cosmetic changes and easily applied ones with paint and plastics that easily fit the base. Easy peasy. The original......

To the updated

But, now I'm getting serious.

Project 92XR250 Street Tracker has commenced.


And this is something like the look I'll be heading for (But with obviously NOWHERE NEAR the level of mastery that pro builders like these guys have)


It's going to be a simple build to begin with.

No Frame Chopping - Other than the Seat Brace which I've already removed to allow the flat seat to sit down on the frame and possibly a rear seat loop, brat style

Rebuild the Brakes - which have scratched pistons and blown seals everywhere. (Wow, finding Nissin pistons for this bike is not that easy!)

Hope like hell the engine starts - The old girl has been sitting in storage for a while and was getting a bit tired the last time I rode her in the bush (whoa, must be at least 10 years ago now) so that's going to be interesting, but if nothing else the old Honda XR's were renowned for being bullet proof, so I guess we'll get to test that out.

The Main challenge at the moment is fitting Tank and Seat. But, I'm kind of on my way with that so I'll set up a project post and start the diary.

So, the idea is to get the Basic Groundwork done to a point where it's ridable and on the road. Then I can decide if I want/need to delve deeper into the customisation of bits and pieces

Thanks in advance to anyone who see's this, is interested and can offer helpful advice or suggestions to a newbie builder in Sydney Australia.

Kind regards
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