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Hi, I'm New.

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Hello, I wan't to thank you all for your help. I used some pointers on here on what to do with a barn-bike and after some MMOil, new plug,points,condenser,and some kickin', my little KZ200 fired up today. I'll post some pics later. It's nuthin' special really but it was free!
I'm also working on a CL450 I'm thinking of some along the lines of project SLIM. Where can I find a seat like that? anyways, Thanks again.
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Aren't Californians the only thing wrong with Oregon?
Where in Cali are you from? I lived in Napa when I was a kid, but now I live in Byootiful metro Detroit area.
My wife has an aunt & uncle in Portland & we keep trying to go out there for a vacation - free place to stay, free ride around town, and they're brewpub fanatics to boot! Heard nothing but good about Portland.
Bret (Glass From the Past) is on this board and he's in Oregon. He's got a seat for you.
What kind of carpentry do you do? I'm a decent amateur carpenter myself. Just finished laying down oak flooring in my hallway last w/e.
I still consider myself a newbie here, so it's a lame welcome for you.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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