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Check out the lil' anouncement in the upper right:

Here too:

Better snatch 'em up before some punk-ass wannabe starts frontin'!

man, I'm bored.

Honda go sideways!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts used to be a kick ass site back in the day - like the late 90's into 02. Lots of old photos of vintage machines and awsome t-shirts to boot. I wonder what ever happened - one day it just wasn't there anymore.
Yeah, for $48000.

Domain squaters suck.

Totally. Anybody got one of those friends that defends this shit based on its "free market" virtues?

Sleazy, scumbag speculation is all it is to me.

I work for a living.

I'm broken and poor, but at least I'm honest.

Honda go sideways!
Just so you know there is case law out there that allows squatters to be evicted from certain websites - espically if a compnay holds copyrights and trademarks to that name. It is illegal but companies would rather pay $48,000 than $60,000 in legal fees to evict someone.

I don't defend these kind of people, but I don't chase them down either. Actually I just like to ring their doorbell and run away.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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