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Holy Krap! I just got banned from a forum!

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Posted some pics of Evel Knievel's Snake River Canyon jump on a "family friendly" muscle car forum and the fascist moderators banned me for posting "violent imagery" I guess. No explanation, just...dumped.

Hell, I can't even lurk there anymore. What a bunch of weenies.

Oh yeah, here's the pics I posted:




Holy Jesus !!!!

I remember watching this stunt on prime time tv. Evel was the coolest. Now he’s a grumpy old fart.

P.S. Please don’t ban me. I have nowhere else to go.

Honda go sideways!

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The funniest thing about that pic is her cootchie is blurred out...
And what they stuff her with? Pudding? lol...
Thats what people do when you steal their bandwidth... they notice an image on their server being servered out without the rest of their page contents, and swap an image in. I've done it before... kindof funny someone did it to you.

When you post pics on the net, use a free image hosting service.
Everything's become "family friendly" these days...

When I went to UNH, the hockey arena was a dark wooden building with crappy bleachers. The student section was right behind the players boxes, and we got our tickets for free. We spent the whole game (drunk) taunting the visiting team...

"Does your mother have any kids she's proud of?"
"Why do they even give you a uniform... you never leave the bench."

It was great. The fans (students) could get the whole building rocking when they wanted to, the place seemed to amplify the noise.

Then they built a newer family friendly arena. Its a lot like the new Boston Garden, very sterile. The students have been shuffled off to the ends of the ice behind the nets, and people look at you funny when you stand up to cheer. You can't even really hear the students anymore. Sucks.

I don't bother going anymore.
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