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Holy Krap! I just got banned from a forum!

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Posted some pics of Evel Knievel's Snake River Canyon jump on a "family friendly" muscle car forum and the fascist moderators banned me for posting "violent imagery" I guess. No explanation, just...dumped.

Hell, I can't even lurk there anymore. What a bunch of weenies.

Oh yeah, here's the pics I posted:




Holy Jesus !!!!

I remember watching this stunt on prime time tv. Evel was the coolest. Now he’s a grumpy old fart.

P.S. Please don’t ban me. I have nowhere else to go.

Honda go sideways!

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dude, that is the hardest laugh I had all day. Thanks.

did you really get banned? if so which forum?
What do you have to have for dinner in order to be able to do that????
An enima - see the red tube in the bottom right. She gets loaded for bear, cocks back in the right position, and then forces it out till her o-ring is about to blow.

Still gross at viewing #9

As for the banning - try cleaning out all your cookies and temp internet files and then see if you can lurk. It might be that when you get banned the login cookie is changed so you can't look at anything.
send the mod an e-mail, it was an honest mistake and if he is reasonable you got a fair shot.

I thought that was intentional - holy crap was it funny.

and BTW when did musclecars become family friendly? I thought old 'murican iron was part of that culture of rock and roll and sex and drugs, you know the good things. Seems these days all the musclecar sites are "family friendly" and there is no more real danger in the name GTO or 'Cuda.

Do you know I almost got banned from for posting this quote:

"fighting on the internet is like competeing in the special olympics, even if you win you are still retarded"

I didn't write it, I copied it and pasted it. Not one person told me it was funny (I still think it is friggin hysterical) and 40 old men called me insensitive. Since when are musclecars about sensitivity (maybe the french tickler kind but that is it)?

Anyway family friendly musclecar boards suck! Now if you excuse me I have a GTO to start and some neighbors to piss off. Today feels like an open header day......
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Everything's become "family friendly" these days...

When I went to UNH, the hockey arena was a dark wooden building with crappy bleachers. The student section was right behind the players boxes, and we got our tickets for free. We spent the whole game (drunk) taunting the visiting team...

"Does your mother have any kids she's proud of?"
"Why do they even give you a uniform... you never leave the bench."

It was great. The fans (students) could get the whole building rocking when they wanted to, the place seemed to amplify the noise.

Then they built a newer family friendly arena. Its a lot like the new Boston Garden, very sterile. The students have been shuffled off to the ends of the ice behind the nets, and people look at you funny when you stand up to cheer. You can't even really hear the students anymore. Sucks.

I don't bother going anymore.
They always ruin the good shit don't they. Fuckin family friendly bullcrap. I went to the University of Rochester and it used to be you couldonly get the students to come to the college hockey games. They were merciless with the drinking, chanting, shouting, occasionaly fight. Then the school wanted to make it family friendly so they got security and ejected people who get "rowdy".

When I was coming of driving age in the late 80's, the muscle car guys were the guys with the best jokes and the porno mag in the glove box, and they told the raunchiest stories - espically if the car was a primered nova, dart, chevelle, or charger. Those cars looked like they could kill you if you looked at them funny (with those big meats out back and air jacker air shocks), what's family friendly about that.

Probably that retard remark was a little too close to home for that group.

have you ever read They have a section devoted to talking about racing called kill stories. you would think there would be real drag racing talk in there...but no!!!!!!!!!! it is all 16 year old kids with clapped out 6 cylinder 80's regals talking trash about how they wasted some acura in a psuedo street race. I told them it was lame and with the reaction I got you would think I killed and raped the virgin mary. Oh yeah I'm really popular over there. I am almost glad I don't have my Buick anymore so I really don't have an excuse to go over there, unless there is a clean 64 wildcat for sale in the classifieds.

sometimes they don't even win:
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