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home work shop or shed

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you guys like Stattz working on there own bikes at home and want to have a good source for tools and materials and if you dont have there free catalog ......well go and "getter done" at built on the home /shed bike hobbiest.Hard to find tools ,supplys ..hey they even have stuff pros use (most of theirs stuff)I use them alot.
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I'm pretty much eastwoods bitch....over 1/8th of my credit card bills have something to do with eastwood.

One thing I have learned is to see if they come to a show near you. Saves on shipping and they give a show discount. Plus you get to actualyl see and touch the cool stuff to see if it is worth it. Stupid as it may sound I once brought a roughed up hand hammered front fender to one of their shows knowing they would have an english wheel on display. I must have used that thing for a solid 2 hours but it helped them sell a bunch so they didn't mind. Now they even give visitors a piece of metal and tell them go to town.
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