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Honda 175 talk Only

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First...I don't want none of you homos messin up this thread.

For those few of you knowledgable enough in the more obscure Honda 175 Sloper trivia that have had tiny nagging doubts about it's definate legality in Period 1 GP classes, due to it's listing in the Honda Model Indentification Guide as being released on Jan 1, 1968. Low and behold I have in my possession a Honda CL175 Sloper which has on it's slender graceful steering neck a serial number starting with CL175 and ending with a date of 1967. Said bike also has a wiring harness dated 1967. So they don't fall within the "like or similar" rule. They fall right within the alloted time period...period.

I will of course be taking extensive close up photos should any San Francisco Sack Cheese slurping weenies ever bring it up.

Ok...let the 175 talk commence!
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My frame is also a 160...something like 1965.

One thing I noticed is the CL175 slopers have a slightly beefier frame than the 160's. Main tube and support tubes are ever so slightly larger in dia. Probably just a tad larger for the rigors of "trail" riding.
Do the fork tubes look like they will fit?

If they about $15 including shipping. But I would like to know for sure if they fit so I can sell the other pairs on ebay. I will take OC in trade.

The tube diameter difference was something like .185 on the main tube I think and something like .60" on the smaller tubes. I'll mic them again tomorrow. It was subtly obvious enough that I thought to get out the mic and check them. I'll post the actual sizes for both 160 type and CL175 type tomorrow.

In previous discussion with certain very picky USCRA member I got the distinct feeling that they were of the opinion that the bike should be based on the 160 because almost all CL175 five speeds are dated 1968-69. I knew they were out in late 67 but until now I've never had proof. Now I do.
And actually the CL175 is scarce enough that quite a few people didn't seem to know they exist. Very short run late 67 to mid year 69 and then it was gone, the only sloper five speed 175 ever made.

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Are you joking or for real? Has your's really had a five speed conversion on a 160 bottom end?

It doesn't matter what year the ACTUAL bike was made. In the case of a CL175 made after 1967, they are obviously identical to those made during 1967... so that's not a "like or similar" bike it's an "Identical" bike.

It will never be an issue in the USCRA, it might end up and issue in AHRMA when non-AHRMA people start winning. I don't think they will give anyone a hard time for a Vert. head because whoever is on the winning 175 currently will probably have a vertical head.

And when we perfect the 240 monster motor the 250 class will be fleeing in fear of their lives.
I must have been on drugs or something. Or not wearing my glasses I just looked at it again and it ends with 1957...obviously not the year. However the wiring harness is dated 1967.

Frame specs are as follows.

CL175 main tube 42.5mm, small tubes 24.1mm, SA 28.5mm
CB160 main tube 40mm, small tubes 23.9mm, SA 28.5mm

Size difference on the small tubes is too small to mean anything, probably just normal size tolerance from their supplier at the time. The main tube is 2.5mm larger in OD, or 1/10th inch...which on tube that large is enough for a notable difference in stiffness...debatable that it make any difference in the real world.

When it's not raining I take a close look for differences in gusseting, plates etc.
All I'd really be interested in is any CL175 cases or bottom ends. He might not have any of those. Or he might just have which case if you don't have any spares you should keep it. But if there are like two 5 speed sloper CL175's it would be cool to have one. I had a spare but I'm using it to build Hiroshi's bike.

The things I'd advice you to hold on to are good cams (for cores), cranks, clutch hubs (cush drive goes bad sometimes), rockers. I've got plenty of this stuff right now.

I'm sure if I was in need of something in the future you'd help me out so I'm not worried about it.
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