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Honda 175 talk Only

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First...I don't want none of you homos messin up this thread.

For those few of you knowledgable enough in the more obscure Honda 175 Sloper trivia that have had tiny nagging doubts about it's definate legality in Period 1 GP classes, due to it's listing in the Honda Model Indentification Guide as being released on Jan 1, 1968. Low and behold I have in my possession a Honda CL175 Sloper which has on it's slender graceful steering neck a serial number starting with CL175 and ending with a date of 1967. Said bike also has a wiring harness dated 1967. So they don't fall within the "like or similar" rule. They fall right within the alloted time period...period.

I will of course be taking extensive close up photos should any San Francisco Sack Cheese slurping weenies ever bring it up.

Ok...let the 175 talk commence!
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mine has is techincally a 1966 CB160 frame with a 175 motor. but I bet there are some of those sack cheese slurpers (damn that's funny!) who'll want to contest your speedy sloper.
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