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ok i'm back on the cl after the holiday mess. so, i got some new stuff for the cl for christmas and i'm noticing a trend. alot is different b/t my cl and the cb of the same years. so i ask, does anyone know that the tank on the 1975 cl360 is shorter and the seat is longer than the 1975 cb360? i didn't. noticing the arrangement of the rear brake and pedal is totally different too. just wondering if i can even use alot of other stuff off the cb or if i need to stay strictly w/ the cl parts??
-does the sidecover off the cb fit the cl?
-if i put a cb tank on the cl will the hoses from the petcock need to be rerouted or is it located in the same place as the cl tank?
-if i wanted to put dual exhaust like a cb on my cl will i have some fitment issues? (i really like the rising megaphone style what is it properly called?)
thanx folks any help here is appreciated!!

03 rsv Tuono (STARF8R)
75 cl360 ("Chupa"thingy)
2000 Ninja 250r ("chibi")
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