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I don't get to too many shows. I haven't seen any that would interest me (ie, shows where an old Honda might be appreciated). I've been to Royal Oak many times, but I don't get much attention there. Actaully, my mostly stock metallic blue 550 gets more attention than the yellow bike. It must look too new or something. I've been to a bar in Fernadale (I think it's called the Way, or One Way, I can't remember). They have a vintage bike night the last Wed of each month, but it's mostly old Harleys. I was there only once when there was another Jap bike - 2 Kawasaki 750 tripples. The only place I've been that has many old bikes is the Bakers Loaf in ???. I can't remeber what city it's in, but it's just past 12mi on Northwestern. There's a good amount of old bikes there, mostly British, but a good mix.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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