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Honda CB triple clamp

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Howdy guys, I just wanted to introduce our CB triple clamp to anyone who might be currently looking for one.

Just a few listed now but more are to come. Check them out at .

Kickstartgarage just used one on his latest CB750 build, you might of seen it at the 1motoshow earlier this month.

You can check out a quick video showing it here,

If you have any questions shoot me a message.

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That looks like the cheap ass China stuff for bicycles that's great for people who don't actually ride. Every cotter crank I've seen that is still in service isn't clocked right anymore and ends up getting replaced with a modern tapered crank. Unless the owner is just too cheap or dumb to fit a modern part. Usually the bikes are so bad we won't even mess with it unless the repair bill is payed in advance. That shit is dangerous on bicycles, I can't imagine it even being considered for a motorcycle.
Please stop trying to reinvent the wheel before someone gets hurt.
Not a cotter pin. Assembly doesn't rotate. Not the same application.

Not a cotter pin. Assembly doesn't rotate. Not the same application.

similar principle to a cotter in a bicycle crank
yes i know the locking piece is a self contained tricky little mu;ti piece part
but it cannot it does not safely and securely do the work that needs to be done it is simply an impossabilty for it to do so
all its doing is shoving the stanchiopn tube over and it attempts to stretch and elongate the god dam hole ,the bore on the triple making it not round for fuck sakes
or as in the case of using one of these moronic piece of shit yokes on an upside down fork
this would be a perfect assembly to put under stress analysis via computer ,where you can s,in that case all it can do is crush and distort and ruin the fyop of the fork and cap

it is doing absolutely nothing at all like a fully surrounding clamp
it is very much like how a cottered kickstart lever or moped pedal crank secures there partb buyt lol good god at least in those applications they have a large flat spot to land on AND they are working against a so;id piece not a thin hollow tube
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I give! I give!
No reason to protect those fucktard products anyway.

Here's something for your viewing pleasure
AFT Customs Cimeron Honda CB750-836 Streetfighter is Turning Heads

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Rim
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It's like a 6 year old drew a motorcycle and they decided to build it
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