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HONDA CB100 FrankenBike ( No Running Lights )

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So i bought this 1972 Honda CB100 a while back for a couple hundred bucks. It ran a bit rough and had no lights wired up. Since then i have ran new gas in it and have managed to get her running somewhat decent ( might need a carb clean and new gaskets ). I see no evidence of a stator and it seems to only been used as a dirt bike in its past life. I would love to run lights and have at least a working brake light but cant figure out what the best way to go about it. Cant really tell if the engine is the original CB from another bike or a CL. ( the original exhaust ran High vs the low CB style ).

I have 2 options in my head, one is run a LED head light and wire up a small 12v battery or figure out they correct stator that will work with mentioned engine ( The isnt option isnt ideal but it works ). Currently the bike runs without a battery and has one wire coming out the left side that goes to a kill switch.

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Fuk the lights :| I take them off half of my brand new motorcycles anyway, if you can't ride by moon light it's to freakin dark, go to bed and get up real early in the morning to go riding again tomorrow in daylight.
Mikuni makes a carburetor rebuild "kit" ?
:I never seen one.
Anyway to trouble shoot the Bogging at WOT? I've adjusted the Air Fuel Mixture screw, put in a new spark Plug, new Oil. The only thing i can think of is that the spark plug wire needs replacement and or the points need adjustment. Thoughts?

Air fuel mix is probably your low speed setting and you need to raise the main needle jet by one slot on the cir-clip, that will enrich your fuel air mix in the 3/4 to full throttle range.
... or your floats are set too low and you're starving for fuel at wot?
Aw crap, not sure I can make a video of that for you but I bet there is one out there somewhere.

Challenge is to find one that is not completely boring and badly narrated by a hillbilly
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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