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Honda CB125 good used parts

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1972 model, i have everything but no time to assemble it. parked due to transmission problem. will sell any parts.

please contact: [email protected]
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Ad literally says "I have everything"

Newbie then asks "what part do you have"

And so begins a study in why I dread selling parts.

By the way, I can pretty much assure you the OP's reply, if there is one, will contain some form of "what do you need?"

Newb will then sign in again a week later, and maybe reply with "I have a KZ400 that doesn't run, will anything you have fit?"

OP may post a snarky response three weeks after, which the newbie will never see because Raspberry Pis will have become available again and his interest will have shifted to learning Python to make a spy camera.
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And true to form, newbie hasn't been back on site since posting the first time.

Though I missed the timing of the OPs reply by a week.
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