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Cam Chain Specs: for 219H Pitch 7.774mm (.306), Roller Diameter: 4.59mm (.180), width between plates 5.0mm (.1965)

Endless (rivet link) 219H chains are available in various lengths the shortests being 88 links, OEM size is 219H-82. K&L supply lists endless cam chains in 219H-88 which would require a few links being removed. K&L Camchain part number is 12-8089 K&L rivet link 10 pack part number is 12-8073

I'm about to tear into my engine that is using an experimental camchain tensioner that uses a modified 175 starter motor sprocket. It's the same pitch as the cam chain so I used it to replace the upper rubber roller. I bore it out on the lathe and press in the needle bearing from the stock upper rubber sprocket. Seems to have worked nicely at Frontier...I'll know better when I get the engine apart. A bit noisier than the rubber unit....and who knows how it will effect cam chain wear...but plenty of bikes have used steel tensioner sprockets over the years.
I've got a spare built...I can send pics if you want.
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