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Honda CB350 Cylinder Boring

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I'm looking for a reasonable price to bore/hone 4th over pistons to a CB350K cylinder. My local small engine speed shop wants $185+$40 for glass beading. That seems excessive.
Am I off my mark, or is there someone reasonable close to Maryland who can do the job without me having to donate precious bodily fluids?
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Mine does 50$ per hole, bore+hone+ chamfer if it’s a 2 stroke.
find a shop that does atv work
its a lot bigger market than motorcycles and find a specialist that does boring and liner replacement and they are almost too busybn to answer thev phone
get those guys
that price is a bit steep but not much worry a lot less about cost ,be more concernedf i=of the quality of work
its just about the most important thing in the whole engine a proper bore job
whatever you do ,do not slather oil all over the rings
the bore should be cleaned so that a white rag shows no dcolor wipping it down
the bore shouild wbe wiped down with oil then wiped pretty much dry of oil so that it wont rust
positioning the ring end gaps by clock positions is a waste of energy at least for the top and second ring they rotate whebn the engine is running
i opnly smear a drop or 2 of oil on the pioston skirts
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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