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honda cb350 fuel problem

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i just fixed my 72 honda 350 and adjusted the carbs (idle mixture, etc.) and now when i'm in neutral i can rev the engine and it sounds great. BUT, when i'm in gear and want to accelerate, i have to twist the throttle only halfway. it accelrates fine when i do this. but, if i try to give it "shitloads" of gas while the rpm's are at, like, 3000 or something it sputters and makes a gurgley sound and will not accelerate. why? is it my fuel/air mixure? i don't think so, because it would do this when i'm in neutral, but it doesn't. can anyone help me?
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wont accelerate under load huh?? how the plugs look?? i think if it was timing, it'd gag in nuetral too. toss on another set of usable carbs if you have em. be sure they are sealing to the intakes well. pulling carbs apart when you dont know exactly what youre doing can be risky.

aarons right, it could be alot of things.


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i know, i sent him parts remember?? as anyone who's decided to pull apart carbs and doesnt know what they are doing, it can be a disaster. now im not saying he doesnt know what hes doing, but it could just be a matter of something not reassembled correctly. if he has another set of carbs that he knows are good, if he tries those and it works, that solves the problem.

also check to make sure that the carbs are balanced/synched. thought of that today.

maybe not problems. maybe the wrong size. check your plugs. you can completely pull the chokes out of those carbs and plug the holes. mine starts fine with out them. hot or cold. i have found my leg will hang on the lever and open and close it. you could safety wire it in place, but them you wouldnt be able to use it. maybe you can put 2 of those little locking plate tabs stacked together to hold them in place. i dont know. maybe some gum. or mikes old favorite, duct tape. what ya think aaron??

rubber bands could work. im partial to the tickler too....i mean...uh...shocker


1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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