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honda cb350 fuel problem

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i just fixed my 72 honda 350 and adjusted the carbs (idle mixture, etc.) and now when i'm in neutral i can rev the engine and it sounds great. BUT, when i'm in gear and want to accelerate, i have to twist the throttle only halfway. it accelrates fine when i do this. but, if i try to give it "shitloads" of gas while the rpm's are at, like, 3000 or something it sputters and makes a gurgley sound and will not accelerate. why? is it my fuel/air mixure? i don't think so, because it would do this when i'm in neutral, but it doesn't. can anyone help me?
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Did you do the timing and valves on that bike? If the bike has a stock motor and the carb/jetting are stock you shouldn't have any gurgling under load. There are all kinds of things to check, but I start with the ignition timing and the valves.

wont accelerate under load huh?? how the plugs look?? i think if it was timing, it'd gag in nuetral too. toss on another set of usable carbs if you have em. be sure they are sealing to the intakes well. pulling carbs apart when you dont know exactly what youre doing can be risky.

aarons right, it could be alot of things.


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He rebuilt the carbs already I believe from one of his other postings, but if Jeremy can do timing I'm pretty sure anyone can.

I used a cut piece of inner tube for a while and then replaced it with safety wire. Now the carbs will be replaced with Amals. Ticklers are the way the way to go.

Amals forever, Aaron
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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