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*** Bronze Swingarm Bushing Set *** (MADE IN THE USA)

*** Custom made and designed specifically to fit CB500 CB550 and CB750 four cylinder motorcycle swingarms ***

Bronze Swingarm Bushing Set to replace those cheaply made, worn-out swing arm bushings on your classic Honda. Chances are that if your classic handles like it has hinges in the frame, the culprit may be those low quality ancient swingarm bushings! Replacing them with a high quality set of bronze bushings will greatly help your bike's handling, last a very long time, and should be the first place to look for handling problems!

OD (Outer Diameter) = Approx. 1" inch (26.5mm)
ID (Inner Diameter) = Approx. 13/16" inches (21.5mm)
Length: Approx. 1-5/8" (25.4mm)

NOTE: These are made of highest quality SAE 660 bearing bronze (Alloy No. C93200) ....don't be fooled by cheaper, less expensive so called bronze bushings sold by other vendors using inferior material and/or a combination of cheaper alloys!!! You'll pay a little more for these, but it's worth it in the long run

Honda CB500 4 cylinder
Honda CB550 CB550F CB550K 4 cylinder
Honda CB750 CB750K (69-78 SOHC - 2 valve models)
Honda CB750 (1979 DOHC - 4 valve model)
Honda CBX (1979 model only)

CLUB MEMBER PRICE: $35.00 (for ordering, please email me at: [email protected] and mention that you're a member of )

U.S. Destinations: $5.00 by U.S. Priority Mail
Worldwide Destinations: $9.95 by U.S. First Class Mail International

Wishing you all Happy & Safe Riding!!!

Bob Franzke
Performance Classics
Performance International
CBX Performance
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