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Honda CB50R Dream on eBay

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Modern day replica of the Honda CR110. Not my bike. Spotted on eBay. Wanted to pass the word along in case any collectors out there were looking for something to display in their office or living room.
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The suffix R means it needs to be raced not displayed! :)
50cc racing isn't very popular these days and given this example is in brand new condition it would be more suited to display on its own or as part of a larger collection. If one were so inclined to race a Dream 50R then get a used one with more miles that is more suitable.
there were 3 of them at loudon this weekend and they all looked, just as good as that one

and 50cc racing is more popular than you may be aware

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50cc bikes want to be raced... displays are for sissies
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Rays got one of those at his shop, brand new, never fired. I am trying to talk him into getting it out on the track where it belongs.
I have one too, and will bring it out to race, if I know that there are more than just mine there, and they are "stock" like the two others that were at the track.

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I'll race against you evil on my MB5 that I'm building to be a repilca CR racer.

there were at least 3 racing this past weekend. I had fun dicing with DeCamp.

Evil, you got the sht so bring it!
Yup. HRC. I'll sell the bike right now for $4500.
I checked the HRC website but there's no mention of a kit fairing. Can all Honda dealers get HRC parts? Would this fairing fit a CB350?
so you want to buy the bike to put the fairing on a cb350? (The fairing was imported. There are a lot of Honda parts for this bike that are only available to certain people in japan. From what I have been told . . . and impossible to get. The dry clutch, oil pump, 6 spd close ratio, two valve head (the four does not produce more power) etc. You can spend easily over $10,000. on this bike to hop it up. But you knew that.
monkey will make that fairing for you don't have to buy the bike.

Hi guys. I was searching for some older topics about Honda Dream 50R. I owned this iconic bike for 3 years until I had to sell unfortunately. Today I've published a video about this bike and it includes the sound of the very first start of this engine (as I bought it brand new...) Hope you enjoy :))
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