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Honda CB750 HiPo Parts Horde For Sale

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Now that most of the bikes are gone, it is time to tackle parts.

not a complete list, but a start
everthing is CB750

-rebuilt ARD magneto
-dyna 2000 ignition
-Weber carb manifold
-mikuni side draft set up
-OEM front masters
-yoshi replica 4-1(pick up only)
-bunch of finned covers include a few rather rare ones
-APE manual cam chain adjuster (new)
-APE adjustable cam sprocket and HD chain (new)
-gl fork brace

more to come.
all needs to go.
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Still have WAY to much stuff left to sell!
There is no price on everything.
LOTS has been sold already.

if you have interest feel free to reach out and we can make a nice
”package” deal for what you want.
What's the take it all price PM me
PM’ed you my cell number.

lets talk.
Hi Jag,
is this the Monte Carlo Ford in your Avatar ?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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