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Your onto some "Fashzen and The Art of Motorcycle Acquaintance" shit here. But while I enjoy reading your semi-hate-rant towards the likes of me, and truly respect your sharply defined rules of engagement to life, and all that come to pass. There is a slight tension rising in my abdomen, slowly creeping up my throat as I bounce on your carefully blurped hate-speech; If there is one thing worse than people blindly following trends, that must be people vomiting an emotionally provoked half assed-attempt to nail a sociological truth.

But your thoughts on the bike, Phaedrus, I shall take into serious consideration. So indeed, thank you very much for the last, and truly helpful section of your response.

As for the rest of u I will provide pictures of my bike, as well as its progress.
I'm impressed with the Plato reference...

but honestly, there's no hate in my speech. I don't wish any evil on you, I just wish people would stop ruining motorcycles in the name of art. If you are going to tear into a perfectly good motorcycle, do it to make it go faster.
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