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Honda CD250u 1989 - Learning Riding and Building at the Same time

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Hi All,

I'm new around these parts but have long had a passion for cafe racers.

I am currently learning to ride (Learner permit in NSW, Australia) and have recently bought a used motorbike.

Meet Nancy, a Honda CD250U 1989.

Picked her up recently for what was an OK price for a first bike. The two previous owners had done some legwork to getting the old girl on her way to being a cafe racer although she isn't there yet. I knew going into it that I would need to put in some work to get her to the finishing point but I didn't realise how much work I would have to do as many problems are more than just cosmetic.

I've had her for one week, ridden her once and quickly realised there is a long list of issues I need to fix. This list is growing at the moment but here it is so far and in no particular order:
  • New front brake pads
  • new rear brake discs
  • rebuild front brake caliper system
  • bleed front brakes and replace brake fluid
  • take apart, clean, clear and rebuild front brake assembly
  • change sparks plugs from CR7's to CR6's
  • Change oil and oil filter
  • rewire electronics to get speedo light, neutral light and indicator light (all in speedo) to work
  • Rewire electronics and switch assembly to get front brake light to work
  • replace tyres
  • check and potentially replace seals on forks
  • general rust and corrosion removal
  • chain clean and re-lube

Cosmetic changes will include:
  • new handlebars (clubmans or clip ons)
  • New brake reservoir (chrome)
  • black metal grill on headlight
  • chrome tubing over exposed wire harness
  • new brake light
  • new bar end mirrors
  • new left and right handle assemblies
  • new paint job on gas tank (ideas o
  • maybe new seat
  • maybe rewiring to place battery behind seat to open up space under seat
  • new pegs
  • new kickstand
  • new black exhaust wrap, both exhausts
  • new chrome exhausts

I am well committed to this now and need to see it through. I want to keep a record of the exciting journey so where better than hear.

So please stick around and stay posted on the trial and tribulations of an amateur DIY cafe racer builder as he learns to both build and ride at the same time.

There will be laughter and probably more tears, and expenses, but hey this is fun so far and I am enjoying it despite the frustrations.

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I hope you bought that thing registered because you'll be up shit creek trying to get it passed in that state.

Welcome :D
Your front caliper is a twin piston floating caliper - which means it moves side to side on sliding pins to follow the disc. A lot of the time the sliding pins seize up and this makes the brake stay locked on. Either that or the pistons are stuck.....or a combination of both.

If you don't have an air compressor you can take the caliper off and pump the brake lever until the pistons pop out (kinda messy, but it works). If you go this route you need to make sure the master cylinder doesn't run dry.

Then it's a case of flushing all the gunk, cleaning up the pistons and pushing them back in.
i had to drill a hole in the end of the sliding pin boss on a caliper to get a punch in to knock a seized sliding pin out once. only way i could see to get it apart, worked a treat. don't recall how i plugged the hole now, maybe a little screw.
They can be tough to get out - I had one in the vice for about a week. Each night I would give it a twist and spray some more penetrating onto it until it finally came loose.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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