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Honda S90 cafe racer rearsets

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Bit of a long shot, I’m building S90 café race and wondered if anyone has a pattern for rearsets they’ve maybe had made
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Thanks TR
Thank you for reply,
I was thinking maybe mounting a bracket from the swing arm spindle and then somehow utilise the vent stand spindle . But making my own pattern to get something made I was worried about getting them to match position wise both sides, can you imagine how bad it would feel with pegs different heights. The hope was someone had already done this and would share with me
I have steel tube swing arm too, that’s an interesting solution and looks to work well, he’s used the swing arm spindle and the centre stand bracket, originally I was looking to do aluminium brackets but I’m actually quite liking this simple method
Those rear sets look god that’s exactly what I’m after, how to get your hands on them that’s the next question
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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