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Honda S90 cafe racer rearsets

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Bit of a long shot, I’m building S90 café race and wondered if anyone has a pattern for rearsets they’ve maybe had made
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I was looking at pictures, It doesn't look easy.

I bet the easiest would be to put a second mounting hole through the rear swingarm, same but forward of the existing passenger peg mounts. Sucks a little bit that your pegs will be moving with the swingarm with this setup though, you'd get a lot more vibration on the pegs.
Ya, it would feel like a moped.
What you can fabricate is really dependent on the materials, skills and equipment you have access to. I'd be making them out of aluminum because I can buy it in almost any shape imaginable, I can cut it, form it and bolt it together. If I had access to steel tube bending and decent welding equipment I would probably go with steel tube like this guy did:

but you will notice , one his swingarm is round tube and not pressed metal (S90 came both ways, not sure which one you are dealing with) and two the peg and control on the right side appears to be attached to the swingarm, so they don't even move together.
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Huge catalogue download with unrelated pretty pictures of race bikes and racers,
and no product prices fob somewhere possibly in Malaysia :/ that part is disappointing.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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