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Honda Scooter Parts Needed

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I am collecting and fixing up a few old 60's honda 50 stepthru scooters--may run one in the giro this year.

I need the correct light blue plastic kneeguards and side covers. Here is a link to a bike on ebay that shows the proper blue-

I would buy the whole bike if it was on the east coast.

I have a set, but they are not in very good shape. So, if you run across these things, please let me know. white ones are a dime a dozen, but I have only seen one set of blue ones, and I bought them at Mid 0 (the aftermarket chinese blue ones are NOT right).

I will also buy whole bikes, any color.

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I have a 95% complete Trail 90. I think it's a 1970 or so. Orange with grey plastic.
I've got a hunnert in it, but I'd be willing to let it go for somewhat less... or more if you really want it.


Does that bike have the telescopic front forks or the older style?

What is missing from it? Running?

Jack, sorry, I was away for the weekend. I'll have to go down to the barn and look at it. It's not running. I'll give you the rundown on it after I've refreshed my memory with a visual inspection....

The vin plate says it was made 12/72. Has telescopic fork. Missing air filter and cover(?)and battery and cover and chain. And there's a bracket on the left side next to the rear wheel that looks like it held something important.
I'd say this bike could be a runner, but not real pretty. Might be better for parts but I don't know these bikes that well. I had hoped to use some parts for my son's S90, but nothing and I do mean nothing seems to cross over.


Thanks, but I think I will pass on it--I like the ones with the early forks, plus I think it would be best to standardise on the 50cc pushrod bikes for stepthrus. With 3 more or less runners and 5 parts bikes I can usually find the odd or end I need right here at home. With a 90 it would be like starting all over, so I would have to find a bunch more, just to have around.

NOW, if you want to sell that I lusted for one of those in 1967.


If you can
you know anybody in this world that can get me the honda part listed here -

Anyhow for most / all honda parts if you type in Google honda and part number
like in this example honda 15110gw0010, then it shows whatever webpages
containing that part.

I am willing to pay you even the triple price of its original price.

I can send you my home address where part can be sent to me
you contact me at my Email [email protected] if you have
that small piece of metal, that honda part in your hand.

I can pay you with my mastercard, direct deposit to your bank, paypal,
money order, western union or however you want.

Please help me if you can

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