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Honda Slopers

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How did the 175 perform at the last event?? Aarons excuse is his riding style and Branson doesn't have any competition!!!!

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Thanks for the new topic, champppy. This is long.

1. I am putting together the next issue of exhausted notes in the next few days, I promise it'll be in the mail in about two weeks.

2. The 175. It ran well in practice, then it went to shit. Finished last behind Yoohoo girl. Really depressing. But it did run for the entire race, the first time all summer. Finally got the bike out of the van (it's been raining, funeral, etc) and thought about a few things, bear with me.

3. I thought after a discussion sunday night with JB about the need for still air to get into carbs and JB saw a loss of power without air cleaners, D'OH!!, I was the only guy running without air cleaners, just open carbs. So I put a pair of cleaners on. Really didn't help.

4. SO I look at the engine, and this is on the used head that I put on right before the race that I got from JB, (I still have to send you a check (I would if that guys check didn't bounce, a fellow uscra member who bought my Norton--let's not get into who or how pissed I am about it) and i realized that a bolt was missing out of one of the carb to head connections and the carb was ever so slightly leaning down and I could push slightly on the carb and there was a big air leak. That hole was stripped. So I got a longer bolt and it's fine, engine runs better.

5. I also retarded timing before the race, like a jackass. Bad move. So sometime soon I am going to drill a goddamn hole in the cover and find out where the timing really is, as I have only ever just made it run. Don't have a clue. I know when I advance it too far, it won't run, and when I retard it a lot, it's like shit. So I gotta time it right.

6. SO I fix all this stuff, and it runs well, but it stilll hiccups. So today I am going to get rid of the 1960s kill switch ( a headlamp push pull switch out of a car ) and hard wire it to see if that is an issue, as was discussed on the skulls line.

7. I want to eliminate the LAST variable. The carbs. I need to get a new pair. What's recommended? Those cool intakes are 25mm. But over the winter, as I now have three vertical heads, I'm gonna switch to the vertical and just make a new exhaust. the carbs are now the ONLY thing that I haven't changed on this bike. As JB noticed, they are old. They still have the slide cable thingys. Can I use flat slide Mikunis?

8. While my riding still needs to be improved (HEY it's only my second year) I thought the bike handles great on the track. Needs a stiffer rear and smaller tires. It was obivous from when the bike runs well that I can at least keep up with Mary (though shes ahead of me) and Yoohoo, (denise?) Tire recommendations? Shit, just spend more money.

Too bad you guys aren't coming to the island today. good party at Dave and Mary's. Usually two kegs. And firearms. Last winter I got a deer from about 10 yards with my compound bow.

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im insane. stupid. brainless. I've been telling you guys all along that I've never put a timing light to the 175. So I finally decided I had to do it, and you guys never said JUST DO IT!!

SO I found an old side cover and took half of the top off so I could see the timing marks. First timing, I estimate I was at 80 to 90 BTDC. Cheech. Set it to what I'd say is 40 degrees or so based on the marks on the crank, and whhoooosh. Finally Dialed in Sweet. No hiccups, it idles, theres acceleration, and power. I'll be bringing it to Frontierland. i just want to be able to sort of keep up. It's sunday, so I couldn't really get in a good ride (iwas told yesterday it was too loud. I tried to explain that i was under 101 db, but that didn't work) so I'll punch it tomorrow afternoon.

PS Good party lst night. Tim Courts and his other, (I do not know her name) and Pete T. and Denise and Mike and kyle (the new sidecar rig guys from Appleton) and the women and Dave Katz, looking depressed.

Shit, if I knew Phinney was comin I would stuck around later. Phinney, Did you make it to Dave's? I would have had you stay at our house. If your girlfriend was with you. Dave K. did smile once.

my thoughts to a tee. goddamn that zach video. we all gotta get 125s. and make it a vintage thing . what year did they start? Aaron, you still didnt say why you were in maine, the 2nd highest taxed sate in the land . . . oh shit let's get political here on taxes on donuts, french fries, land (x2) cars, boats, etc.

evil (x2)
So the three of you were in a van with no guns available to shoot crows or bluebays? In maine, we just shoot the deer at close range. Say five or ten yards. But they're "god's creatures" Republicans. GW is gonna win, isn't he? Start a NEW GODDAMN TOPIC if ya wanna talk politics.

evil, drinking.

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