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Honda Slopers

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How did the 175 perform at the last event?? Aarons excuse is his riding style and Branson doesn't have any competition!!!!

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Which of course means I'm not liking Aaron very much :)

Speaking of tear-downs. I'm dying for someone to protest me at some point. Hey...maybe I can protest myself! If anyone is really curious it's a 56mm bore and 41mm stroke (x2) for 202cc... same as Aaron's bike, same as Mary's bike, in fact we all use the same pistons.

Next year I may be right on the limit with a 57mm bore for about 209cc. The bike just plain handles great, stops well, weighs about 210 lbs. I don't let off the throttle in turn 1 until after the last brake marker and I don't use the brakes except in turn three, a bit into six, a bit into the new turn 10, and a bit more in the left hander before the chicane.

When Mary learns to keep the throttle open... look out. At 70 lbs lighter than me she should already have a better power to weight ratio. You gotta keep the throttle wide open on these things, and it's hugely important to get on the gas as soon as humanly possible in the corners.

Aaron if there is a track day before the races next year I'm definately putting you on my bike for some laps. I'm very curious what it would do with a lighter rider. Then the big question is...if you whoop off a couple of 1:32's ...there might have to be some contract negotiations. Cause in the long run it's more important that we beat the two strokes than it is who's riding it.

I of course like to think it's all me, not the bike :)
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Set the timing at 40-45 degrees...closer to 40 for your engine. Closer to 45 if you think you'll be turning revs up around 12k.

Carbs. At the very least try to find a set off a later model CB175...I've seen both 18mm and 20mm, not sure what years what carbs come from. If you want to do it up right, find a set of SL350K1 24mm carbs. They will work well on a stock or modified head. Or if you want to spend $200 get a set of brand new Keihin PE 24 race carbs (Sudco). Might be a bit much for an unmodified head though.

Are you going to be at Frontier Land? You can trade me a vertical head instead of cash if you want.

If you get tires...get the Dunlop KR825, front and back.

Ok Aaron... I like you again. I know you were probably holding your breath for that.

I don't know if I could use a push buttom kill would have to be a type that stayed on or stayed off if you know what I mean. And it would have to be obvious which position it was in by looking at it cause I'm real bad about making sure the bikes are turned off.

I still have to look at the label I put on mine to know whether it's on or off. Maybe I could rubber mount my toggle switch. Or hook a tiny steering damper to it. Dgy had a good idea with the plug on a string sort of thing.

So Aaron, what the deal with the front end, what's the mystery problem you found? Gotta be something serious.
What are those...the slow guys group pictures?

Looks like fun back there, I'm gonna have to stick my dick in the spokes to slow down or something....yeah it will reach.

Aaron, your style there doesn't look as weird as I remember, can't have much to do with your handling problems.

I see in the first photo that Frank is taking one of his usual kamikazee lines, going a different direction than everyone else but somehow still getting the bike turned.

If you had a really wide angle lens you might have been able to get me in the photo....ok then..maybe an aerial photo would have done it.

Hey...give me a break, let me enjoy my new found and probably very short lived success.

PS. Does anybody remember the web site for the guy their taking picutures... something like or something.

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Dang you guys, you gotta check everything. If these little engines don't run well it's usually a pretty simple reason.

I'm surprised it ran at all with the timing that screwed up.

How's the head working out?

Where were you running it that they told you it was too loud?

What party?

What the hell is going on, I'm lost.

I started my 65 CB160 today, hasn't been started in 20 years, ran like a top.

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Oh yeah.. you're a real smart guy, a regular comedian. I got your top hangin.

I'm still thinking about that Zack video... I gotta get one of those bikes...we could have some fun on that.

You seem to be having a conversation with yourself...

Ok... I get it.... Evil (x2)... ok.

Rob, I'm with you... that phrase seems funny even if I see it a hundred times.

And older wire wheel RS would be really cool. It'd be a blast to try to outrun some of the guys on the modern types.

I definately see one in my future, only a matter of time. Maybe end of next summer I'll have the spare cash. Although that may put a crimp in my plans to trade my RC for a 2005 model.


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