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Honda Slopers

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How did the 175 perform at the last event?? Aarons excuse is his riding style and Branson doesn't have any competition!!!!

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john, you probably have some satelite recon photos from this weekend, why dont you check those. that picture is crazy. it looks like aaron is falling off. frank asusual looks like hes going for groceries in the fast lane. pretty cool. and funny.

thats dave katz actually happy. but thats also rare. tims girfriend is carrie, or keri, or carry, anyway, thats her name. she totally kicks ass. that is a good party. and i guess thats why aaron was driving to maine when i talked to him last night. funny. he and mike come from 20mins from each other, but drive seperately. although, mike might have ridden up. anyway..

oh yeah, is it , "im not wearing any pants"?? its always on the airfence. and, im surprised they actually left them up for you guys. they are usually sitting in the infield in a gigantic pile.

i took a picture of myself standing in front of those in the infield a few years back. from just about the waste up. i was camped next to it and after looking at it for 2 days i couldnt help myself. jeeze jb, how many laps did you get in in practice??!!

the rs125 hondas were the next generation mt's they started in 88 im pretty sure. wire wheels and all!!! the wires are really hard to find though. very rare since most people went to mags. john lawless has a really really nice one right off of the ama circuit in his shop. like right from 89. seriously vintage. (doh!)

the black rc looks awesome. my frined ted just picked up a gixxer 750 and was looking at the new rc's i told him not to and to get something smaller. hes happy he got the 750 now. you can get into the rs' really cheap. and 94 later was the best years. thats why there are so many 94/95 models out there. the wire wheels make them eligible for more classes with various clubs. i could see aaron on one of those instead of an mt.

now thats fucking funny. did you guys hear about the kid here who was killed riding wheelies with no pants on. he was filming one of those "stunta" movies. no pants, helmet, boots, tshirt and gloves. wheelied right into the back of a parked tow truck. there is a thread on the wera board about it that is just hysterical.

1 - 6 of 35 Posts
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