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Honda Slopers

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How did the 175 perform at the last event?? Aarons excuse is his riding style and Branson doesn't have any competition!!!!

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SO I fix all this stuff, and it runs well, but it stilll hiccups. So today I am going to get rid of the 1960s kill switch


I don't have a kill switch-Todd Henning told me along time ago to get rid of it. I hard wire from batt. to coil with a connection in between. and I also double ground from batt. I dnf once because of a shitty kill switch. Put a fake one on the clip if your worried about tech.


Lets see the photos..........

Socks the Champ!!!

Most excellent dude..... After looking at all the riding styles, I think mine is the most fucked up!! Look at Frank. He is still racin' like he was 20 years old. and Aaron, you look like you belong on an RC45.

anyone notice anthing funny in that first picture?

I GOT IT..................

Aaron is last in the pack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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