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Honda Slopers

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How did the 175 perform at the last event?? Aarons excuse is his riding style and Branson doesn't have any competition!!!!

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John likes men...
and I like my riding style I just said I think it looks stupid and serves no purpose. It worked for 2 laps in ULT until turn 9 had a disagreement with my front end.

Branson - I was saying Mr. Socks likes men not you. And I will say its not the power of my bike that's the problem. Last fall I asked you to make my bike fast, I should have said make my bike fast and go around corners. Everything you've helped me with works great. I have some great shots from the ultra light weight race with Doug, Strempfer (Mr. Socks), Frank and I going through the chicane together. I actually had a nice little race with frank until I drove off the track. You guys kept getting faster in the corners and I kept trying to not piss my paints. I just don't want people to think the power is to blame, I'm obviously not driving my sloper like the Bransons.

Scott - Thanks for the email. Also I used to run straight wiring like John and ran in to tech problems with other clubs. I run a kill switch that Pete T. sell for about $14. Works great, seems very reliable. If your not going to run with other clubs I wouldn't run a kill switch but I do see where if I was a corner worker that it might make my life easier to be able to turn the bike off.

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Lets see the photos..........

Socks the Champ!!!
Here's your photos Johnson





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Thats not an RD200 and yes I'm that good. (That was my best Strempfer imitation).

Is the or the I'm not wearing any pants?

In search of a top. I want to compare my motor of my Honda with a top so I can tell if its actually running like the top. What.. You can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up the butchers ass... no wait its gotta be your Bull.

Unfortunately I was in Maine taking care of some stuff that made it so I could not make Dave and Marys party. Although I did realize that when drinking lots of alcohol with your friends and pulling over to piss its not a good idea to do this with your Race Van with tools supplies and other odds and ends. Jeremy, Donald, and I got in to a Butane Torch, Fire Extinguisher, Piss fight. I had the Extinguisher, Donald had the Torch, and Jeremy ended up running out of site with just his wang in his hands. Sonja didn't want to play with us.

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