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Honda Talk chapter 3: Pistons

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The new pistons are in for those that requested them.

56 and 57mm varieties...get'em while they are hot.

Well actually...if you haven't requested them's too late. But I can order more if there is sufficient interest from the slow bikes ...errr.. people that don't have them. To tell the truth..I'd prefer it if only rich people ordered them cause so far I lose money on every set I sell. But not much, so don't go making charity offers.

Here's a pic before polishing.

Changes to the 56mm type are .015" deeper valve pockets so users should be able to use a thinner head gasket and still have .005" more valve/piston clearance. Claying is of course highly recommended before choosing your gasket thickness.

Changes to the 57mm type include .015" deeper valve pockets and setup for a thinner wiseco ring set. And of course 1mm larger for 209cc.
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Like JohnnyB said its a lot harder to get compression on a smaller displacement. You have one piston thats about 20mm bigger on even a small (250 with 74.0 x 57.8 mm) ducati then a piston that represents only half the displacement (becuase its a small twin). It doesn't matter who says it, if you bike was a single cylnder 50cc your piston would be even taller to get the same compression as a larger piston.

In regular person terms, You have to fill more of the whole and then you make room for spark plug. Or you could just ask Bruce to make your bike faster, enjoy your winter, and play around on forums.

Mr. Branson,
Send my pistons and send my bill to Scott. No really, I need them quick, I need to send them to someone who can take the notches out.

My shit is dope yo. I got my stuff. Very cool.

I think I'm ready for Dyno time. I'm curious how my 3inch discs breath compared to the 4inch. I will say the power starts light years before it did. I would still like to investigate some over size valves but am limited to Honda stuff. I will sift through some different Honda heads while picking up the 200 barrels. Can't wait to get back from Daytona to get the big boy pistons in.

Thats the nuts.

Edit your post and put http:// in front of your link for easier viewing.

My hint is never download the latest player. Windows Media will fuck you everytime. Scott download the original codec that goes to the player and it should be fine.

1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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