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Welcome, That is...ummm...quite a long handle you have there.

The search function is in the upper right hand corner of the site underneath where it says forum (not the logo on the left but on the right). The search link the the second from the right next to the FAQ (The FAQ doesn't cover motorcycle topics yet, just how to use the board)

here is the search link:

As for any of your other questions you can use your newfound knowledge to find the info you want. I can't tell you anything about cb350s as I crush them under my massive butt cheeks.

As for judyramone being my gay uncle...we'll lets just say we run things deliverance style up in here. Say, you got a pretty mouth boy.

(PS I am still not sure if t.n.g.-n.m.m. is a tremendous smartass (you know who you are) or I am gulible as fuck).

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I don't think I called Geeto a dick even if it is true. I think I said his opinion sucked and then later I even recanted on that. We all know Geeto is a really sensative guy and I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings. Plus we agree about 95% of the time especially on old Honda stuff.
Plus I think some of these guys can swap the front end of a 350 for the rear end going into turn 1 of practically any race track. I know I can and have and probably will again.

Ken the tool

Vintage racing - old guys on old bikes
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