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How loud are these?

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So the reviews say these are loud. But how loud? I like a loud pipe but I'm looking for a pipe to run on a CB360T street legal bike. I mean will these thing set off car alarms or what? Secondly anyone have any idea how much lighter they are than the stock pipes?
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Hey Jay.

Cool! Let me know when you get your 2 in 1 and we can talk about those pipes for sure. I'm not in to much of a hurry so ya that would be cool. So far the bike is coming along slowly but surely. I've got clubmans on and everthing hooked up. With the exception of the master cylinder. Which dosen't seem to fit on the bars! It's to long and hits the tach. So either I get a smaller universial master cylinder or move the tach. Not sure which. I'm also having a friend make a custom fibre glass "dumby" tank to go over the stock tank. should be very cool looking. Than a seat pan, lose some heavy stuff and I should be well on my way.

Talk to you soon.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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