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How loud are these?

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So the reviews say these are loud. But how loud? I like a loud pipe but I'm looking for a pipe to run on a CB360T street legal bike. I mean will these thing set off car alarms or what? Secondly anyone have any idea how much lighter they are than the stock pipes?
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I used shorties similar to that on my 450 and I liked them. Loud but not insane.

If you are not in a hurry for them I can probably sell you my set as soon as I get my 2-1 system figured out. It is the first item on my list for this winter but I won't be getting to it for a couple weeks.

If not, you might want to check out they have the same shorties for 59.99 canadian. I'm not sure who would be cheaper after taxes vs. duty etc.



p.s. I'm the guy you bought the 360 off of.
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