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Coming to a close on my '81 CB900C project. It's come a long way as far as restoring it and trying to convert it back to the stock setup (used to have a hard fairing kit).

I finally finished working on the vitals, like brakes, suspension, lights, carbs, registration(LOL), tires, fluid changes, etc.

One of the very last issues that I've come down to is that I have absolutely no idea how much grease I should be pumping into my shaft drive fitting. The manual only tells me what type of grease to use. I can't find information anywhere that says how much/how many pumps I should be putting into it. When I went for the first ride on the thing a couple weeks ago, I gave it three pumps. I'm not aware of a vent port or any relief area for the grease to come spewing out of, so I wanted to be careful as I don't want to blow out any seals or damage anything.

I started getting comfortable with it and started riding around with it. After getting home after my last ride though, I noticed that the grease fitting was allowing grease to seep out of it. Probably a bad grease fitting right? Or are they supposed to vent like that?

Other then that, the bike seems to go pretty good, no noises coming from the drivetrain, and it coasts very smoothly!

Hopefully next week it'll be ready to go up in the project build forum. All I have left is polishing the chrome and straightening out the cosmetics.
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