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This is a "How To" for posting an URL linking to a specific posting/reply. I am calling this the "link to individual post formula." I know that is a dumb name, but it is easier to refer to a thing if it has a name, even if it is a dumb name. It took me a little while to figure out how to do this, and spent a bit of time researching in the Snitz Forums's discussion board. Once I figured it out I thought I should post how to do it here. This might make great sense to you, or it might not make any sense at all. Either way, I hope it helps at least someone.
From the Snitz Forums 2000 discussion board:
quote:to link to a specific reply within a topic use the following code:
which will bring you to a specified reply (y), or you can link to the last topic within a post using
For our forum, the formula's base URL would look like this:
The rest of this post will teach you how to fill in and use that URL.

Here's how to do it:

Step One:</u>
You first need to locate the TOPIC_ID and REPLY_ID info for the individual post to which you want to create an URL. You can get it any number of ways. In this example I will snatch it from the post's "Reply to Quote" feature.
For this example lets link to the post, "Test #3" above -- the one immediately before this post in this thread.
First right click on the "Reply with Quote" button for the post to which you want to link. In Mozilla right click the "Copy Link Location" feature; in Internet Explorer right click "Save Shortcut." You will get the following information:
(Note where it says REPLY_ID and TOPIC_ID. You'll need the numbers after them. I highlighted them in red. Don't worry, we'll get to that in a second.)

Step Two:</u>
Paste the link directly into the post you are typing so you can look at it.

Step Three:</u>
Post the "link to individual post formula" below the URL so it looks like this:
(Having them both in one place just makes it easier to see everything at once.)

Step Four:</u>
Insert the information from your captured link into the formula. Where it says x and y in the formula, replace the variable with the corresponding number from the URL. I made them BOLD and RED to help you see what I mean:
This is the URL you need; the URL "link to the individual post formula".

Step Five:</u>
Use the "individual post formula" URL and stick it into a URL:
Here is how I would type the code to post the link as a URL:
[ur[b][/b]l="h[b][/b]ttp://ww[b][/b]w.caferacer.[b][/b]net/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=6987&whichpage=-1&REPLY_ID=5057[b][/b]1[b][/b]"[b][/b]]LINK to Test #3[/[b][/b]url]
That becomes:
LINK to Test #3

And that is that.
Peace and grease
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