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How to Quiet my Cafe Racer Down

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(This is my first time posting here) but long time Cafe Racer enthusiast.

I'm looking to reduce the noise of my 2002 Susuki Savage 650 with the Ryca CS-1 Cafe Racer Kit by about 80% if possible.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to buy a Baffle or something to put inside of my Reverse Cone to reduce the majority of the noise that the bike makes? Not sure on which path to take or which size would be the right fit.

Reason being I live in an apartment and my neighbors cannot handle the noise of my bike.

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Loud and leg burning, maybe they should have looked at the bike more and the computer less. Cad programs should have an "are you fucking kidding" that pops up when the user does something stupid.

Did you put some decent rubber on yours?
Not anymore, I retired yesterday! :geek: Now I'm trying to decide if I should start searching for an M900 or 1100Evo Monster as a new project bike... or sell everything and buy a toy car. But I digress.

Anyway, yeah, if it were me I'd use a different muffler. The reasons why get into a long description involving things the OP probably doesn't care about so I'll skip it.

Another thing people are doing to quiet things down is to put a honeycomb shaped substrate thingie in the pipe(s). Those are pretty much just converters with no coating on them by the way. They do broadband attenuation and might be easier to use than a baffle you put into the muffler.
Congratulations on retirement. Well planned to have it start with summer.
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