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How to Quiet my Cafe Racer Down

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(This is my first time posting here) but long time Cafe Racer enthusiast.

I'm looking to reduce the noise of my 2002 Susuki Savage 650 with the Ryca CS-1 Cafe Racer Kit by about 80% if possible.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to buy a Baffle or something to put inside of my Reverse Cone to reduce the majority of the noise that the bike makes? Not sure on which path to take or which size would be the right fit.

Reason being I live in an apartment and my neighbors cannot handle the noise of my bike.

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This page has info on how I did the custom baffles on one of my bikes:

Get some perforated baffle tube, muffler packing materials, and zip ties. You'll need access to a machinist/fabricator if you can't weld/braze yourself.

Otherwise, the simplest solution is to just walk the bike out of the apartment complex and start it up at the exit.
Significantly... to elaborate:
The baffles that came with the exhaust were exceptionally tiny. I got the bike running well on open megaphone, but it was stupid loud. The baffles I made Significantly reduced the decibels, so now its probably 50%? Louder than stock.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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