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How would you like to find this in your new barn

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I could hide a building that size on my property easily, you'd have to hike through the woods or see it from a plane. 100 yards off the road and it would be invisible here.

You know what that building is? Note very few windows, insulation fastened to the walls, an evaporator unit in one's a cool storage unit for some kind of produce...see them for apples around here. If it was what was left of a good size farm it could have had dozens of out buildings. 20-30 years or more of trees growing up around the building and it could have gone unnoticed for a long time. And there are some very rural areas in Europe, hard to access.

The cars definately have been sitting a long time, don't see so much as a finger print in the dust except for one of them. 20-30 years ago many of those cars would have been far less valuable and far less likely to draw attention. It's definately a barn find....I doubt the original owner collector would cut open the door and take pictures of his own collection that he let rot for 15 years. And of course it's not a staged someone did find a huge barn full of cool old if it was a surprise or not is a whole different story.
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I'd also imagine that if the "new owner" story is true...that if the previous owners family didn't know about or understand the value of the cars...that there would be some serious legal attempts to exempt the cars from the sale of the property.

I mean if you buy a piece of property and find a box of gold hidden there by the previous doesn't necessarily mean you own the gold. Typically you are buying the property and buildings...and contents are stipulated seperately. Good chance the new owner would have to turn all the cars back over to the previous owner's family.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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