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Everybody goes racing for the weekend and the forum is dead quiet on monday!?! C'mon, lets have some details eh?

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JB, When I saw there were only 3 in the 200 gp, I was scrambling to find a bike cause I knew I'd get third place!! I was even going to ask DGY to take out the 'stone. You should have gone out and just taken it easy. Frank and Doug were in a battle, but let them do the crashing thing. Did you read on uscra that denise would not have let the race be 3 laps? What's that all about?

Did you see my post about the carbs/paypal?

Aaron, that sucks. Hope you're OK.
if you gave me one I can take it apart in my sleep. not something to be proud of.

I'm looking into the cam / bearing situation tonight.
Quote "Are you dead yet"?

Where's bright eyes???
jeez, aaron, heal fast. It's amazing that the body can take that kind of shit and you still show up at award ceremony and all. AND get that "I got out of the way award" betty BN I love you cause you did what you were supposed to.

Get ready. I found all the parts I need to rebuild the top end of the 175 tonight, but first, of course, (JB chime in now) I have to find out why the stinking thing ran out of oil on the right side. I'm drilling passages. all of em. OPening em right up so the sun shines through. But I have to find out why the oil wasn't there.

PS. The rayhoo was a hoot. We got the kitted bike, as you know, and I like it. JB, you should try it, even though the 2 smoke tthing ain;t your deal. Even Mary might like it. I pegged the speedo at 1/3 down the straight and was in 3rd. I'd estimate it was over a true 65 a t the end of the straight . . . . . but i'm an optimist.

HEY AARON. What caused the fall anyway? Bad timing? oil? too fast? Bad tires? Let us know. All I remember after I saw the crash and you laying the bike down in the grass was you kind of jumping up and down.

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Hey BFD, nice. wish I'd seen it, I woulda jumped on it. Let me know if you need any engine parts.

1 - 5 of 40 Posts
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