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Everybody goes racing for the weekend and the forum is dead quiet on monday!?! C'mon, lets have some details eh?

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Anybody talked to Aaron since he got back? He was starting to hurt a bit from his crash before he left the track.

I finished 5th (out of 22) in 250gp behind Roper, Nigl, Pritchard and Parker Heath. Didn't run in 200gp on Sun. too wet and slippery.

Mary blew up the 50cc while leading her class in 50cc SV.

He went to the hospital and he wasn't even coughing up blood???? what a pussy.

What happened to all the 250gp entries? There were 22 on the grid sheet, just checked the results sheets...yep, only 14 raced. Maybe only the brave ones wanted to take a chance at getting outrun by my 200.

Numer of finishers in the big classes were:
250gp 14
EuroCup 14
MW production 16
50cc 16
FCB/350gp 16

Not a bad turnout considering. Sunday put a damper on things...200gp class dropped to 3 bikes. Non racers were Mary and I, Aaron, Scott, Dgy, Hiroshi, the top of my head.

Did I do the right thing? Frank and Doug Donelan had a pretty good fight going in the rain....I woulda tried to beat them...probably would have crashed.
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Scott, see my post on the carb thread.

I think Aaron's lung is bruised because I poked him in the chest with my finger before the race.
Your bike seems like it's getting close to being "right" to me. Some more tweaking and it should be in the ball game.

Time to get out the wallet and take the pounds off.

PS. Scott's really getting the feel for these engines...he takes them apart and puts them together like someone that's done it a dozen times...although I think he's done it twenty times.

Scott, let me know if you find out what the cam bearing problem was. Kinda strange, these parts do wear out, but rarely self distruct. Keep in mind there are some itty bitty holes that feed them.

I've got another mod I want to try. You know the little feed hole in the bearing that goes from the curved slot to the bearing itself? I think that needs to be opened up. It's drilled from the outside and then plugged, I don't see why we couldn't redrill and replug the hole a bit larger. Course needle bearing might be the way to go. I haven't really encountered any bearing problems so I'm not convinced it's necessary with the right mods to the OEM oiling system.
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You should have told me, I could have brought you a CB160 frame to the track. I sold one to Aaron while I was there for $20...and I don't ever remember if he paid me.

Of course with a whole bike you get the better front brake, and larger rear brake if you want one. From the engine you can use the right engine cover, the left with minor mods, the rockers, cam bearings, cam (as a core), alternator rotor, clutch basket (I think), and of course the head cover you'll need.

Post the auction number so we can see what you bought.
Well pay me bitch.
And I bet that U4 is why your oil pump got plugged. U4 has an oil pump plugging additive.

Are you dead yet?

Nice score. Has most everything you need.

You have to come up with new head pipes, a tank that will fit a sloper (I've got one I think if you need an old stock one). Also I once found a guy on ebay selling these neat plastic BSA style tanks, about 3 lbs, with just a bit of work they will fit right on a sloper frame.

Throw some new shoes in that front brake, tune it up good and it should be considerably better than the vert 175 brake. One of these days I have to get the stuff to arc the 160 drums and reline the shoes...Vintage Brake is getting stupid freakin prices for their work now. I've also got a 450 brake but you can't have it.
JohnnyB're all fucked up.
You may not live....quick, let me have your stuff.

What kind of trade you got in mind?...ohhh...never mind..I's a deal.

I haven't even started typing up results yet.

Took the 50 apart today...seriously freakin blown engine. Both valves gone, nothing but the skirt left on the piston, brand new head trashed, aluminum shavings from the carb slide to the tail pipe, rod top end trashed (means new crank). Looks like deciding to run without a tachometer wasn't a good idea.
Unless you find some obvious reason my guess would be something blocking one of the passages. Signs of oil in the area on tear down are not the best indicator. You could have had oil right up to the tiny orifice that feeds the bearing. The passage that goes from the curved slot in the cam bearing shell to the cam bearing itself is of course very important and very small. In general the left side passage is already large enough, the right side definately needs to be opened up. Doesn't hurt to go about two drill sizes larger on the right side and one on the left. If you are feeling like experimenting then open up the tiny bearing feed hole in the left side bearing shell...can't offer any advice there as I haven't done it yet. If you look very closely you will see where it was drilled externally and then plugged. If I was doing it I'd replug with a tiny set screw covered in locktite or even epoxied in.

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What people have told me about the RS agrees with what you said. It's sensitive and requires more precise control. Just what you say, huge power to weight difference compared to a vintage bike, huge brake to weight difference from a vintage bike, huge steering quickness etc.

After one long vintage race weekend I came home and got on my street bike and almost highsided coming out of the driveway...was use to that slow, low power vintage throttle. Ditto the first few corners and times I used the brake. Then you wake yourself up and say..hold on, different animal here, without nearly the forgiveness of a vintage bike.
Email me your email address and I'll send you the results.
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