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Everybody goes racing for the weekend and the forum is dead quiet on monday!?! C'mon, lets have some details eh?

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3rd in modern 50's, those bikes are some serious fun. and i mean fun. like just laughing in your helmet fun.

someplace at the back in f-cb. skipped lwsv and 500gp. too damned slippery for me. the track sucked this weekend. tons of oil and lots of rain and cold. slipping and sliding on the 50 and the front and rear was stepping out on the 350 here and there. mike o got 4th in f-cb. but i dont have anything to fix. and "j not that d" made alot of friends, and maybe a few enemies too!

nice riding dude. youre a mad man!

see you guys at summit, if i can make 5 days to come up there, git your asses down here for 3.

aaron can fill you in on his weekend.

aarons fine, talked to him last night. a little banged up, hurting, went to the hospital and they said just bruised lungs. at least its not ribs. but i dont know if lungs are worse. a few cigarettes should help. nice seeing all of you again.

aaron, obviously, im not uber modern guy, but ive seen those things toss guys alot. you'll never know what caused it for sure. i think those bikes having such large power to weight compared to anything seriously vintage makes them more sensitive to body position etc... zach can probably elaborate more. a different line could definitely be the answer, but also the fact youre not off the bike more, or over the rear, or anything. or how about the fact youve backed off and the tires have cooled a bit. who knows for sure. those things are super sensitive i bet to all of those things. and any one of them could cause trouble like that. after rabbies big highside in t7/8 a couple of years ago, and seeing some seriously bad highsides in t10, it made me think i never want to go that fast. so i wouldnt over think it too much. you'll never know. id just chalk it up to inexperience right now. i bet more seat time will let you feel things like that commin' and who knows, you might even be able to catch it before it happens! did ya hear about jays broken ribs??? from his rs crash in t11? you were flying though. pretty cool to watch. be sure to check chris' lap times at summit this comming weekend on mylaps. or maybe i'll post em for you.

nice seeing everyone this weekend. jb, glad you got hiroshis motor fixed. you didnt seem too rattled by it all. nice job dude.

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aaron doesnt have broken rids, hes got bruised lungs. i think it just means the nicotene will get into the blood stream quicker. bruised lungs, it sounds like it hurts. hes definitely a better bartender than mechanic. but we'll get that fixed asap.

craig, we all missed you this weekend, but dont worry, the injured rib quota was met without you. you would have pushed it over the top! we would have been good for years.

aaron, you didnt tell me that. just the bruised ribs part. sneezing kills. but the hiccups are the worst.

hey, jb said i was right!!!!

my month is made!!

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