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Everybody goes racing for the weekend and the forum is dead quiet on monday!?! C'mon, lets have some details eh?

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I didn't pay you. I owe you for the frame, the pertronix kist, and anything else.

I didn't pay Tex for the U4 either.

I'm at home with fractured ribs and a bruised lung. I have a little machine that measures my lung compacity when I inhale. I have friendly pills to keep the pain down so its really not that bad. The only problem is getting enough smoke in my system during this time.

After I heal and move I need to nurry the 175 along so I can beat Johnny B at the next event.

JohnnyB, I have a trade in mind for you and Scott you don't owe me any money. Just the offer to ride your bike cause I had already paid for those classes was a nice thought.

How come no one is harrassing Rob O. to get the results done?

After talking with the people who know... I believe it was oil. I had a considerable lead and started to go smoother. The only thing I can think of is going slower caused a different line that allowed me to hit an area that had oil in it. I do remember the rear coming sideways and then high siding me, but I don't under stand is why? The tyres were fine, I thought it might have been them, but I had my knee down a few places, and they never gave way. I also had a few rear tyre spins but nothing that was out of control. The only thing I can think of is it being oil. I spoke Mr. Roper and he made a good point that if it was the tyres then it would have just kept sliding (low side) but it catching and tossing me was probably oil and then no oil. He explained it much better then that though.

I felt fine after the crash. I mean fine for crashing, just soar nothing major a few new pains on the walk back with the Branson team wheeling my bike back. As time went on I was having chest pains and shortness of breath. By the time I went to sleep that night I couldn't take a any deep breaths. When I woke up my lungs were gone, just kidding, when I woke up I felt better but not much better. So by lunch time I was having a hard time enjoying smokes so I went to the hospital.

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Craig you were missed at the track. Light weight was missing a few good riders.

Joe, you wenis, I told you I had fractured ribs on the phone. But mostly just bruised all over.

And Rob, I was asking JB for the results before he had gotten home from the race weekend and people would be bitch'n already. You do have a point though about people liking you.

And Rob, if your busy like we discussed at the track ,I can post the results for you or help you out anytime you want.

Professional speaking, my colleagues and I use the phrase "yeah it fuck'n blows dude".

1 - 6 of 40 Posts
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