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Everybody goes racing for the weekend and the forum is dead quiet on monday!?! C'mon, lets have some details eh?

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You may not live....quick, let me have your stuff.

What kind of trade you got in mind?...ohhh...never mind..I's a deal.

I haven't even started typing up results yet.

Took the 50 apart today...seriously freakin blown engine. Both valves gone, nothing but the skirt left on the piston, brand new head trashed, aluminum shavings from the carb slide to the tail pipe, rod top end trashed (means new crank). Looks like deciding to run without a tachometer wasn't a good idea.
jeez, aaron, heal fast. It's amazing that the body can take that kind of shit and you still show up at award ceremony and all. AND get that "I got out of the way award" betty BN I love you cause you did what you were supposed to.

Get ready. I found all the parts I need to rebuild the top end of the 175 tonight, but first, of course, (JB chime in now) I have to find out why the stinking thing ran out of oil on the right side. I'm drilling passages. all of em. OPening em right up so the sun shines through. But I have to find out why the oil wasn't there.

PS. The rayhoo was a hoot. We got the kitted bike, as you know, and I like it. JB, you should try it, even though the 2 smoke tthing ain;t your deal. Even Mary might like it. I pegged the speedo at 1/3 down the straight and was in 3rd. I'd estimate it was over a true 65 a t the end of the straight . . . . . but i'm an optimist.

HEY AARON. What caused the fall anyway? Bad timing? oil? too fast? Bad tires? Let us know. All I remember after I saw the crash and you laying the bike down in the grass was you kind of jumping up and down.

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Hey BFD, nice. wish I'd seen it, I woulda jumped on it. Let me know if you need any engine parts.

After talking with the people who know... I believe it was oil. I had a considerable lead and started to go smoother. The only thing I can think of is going slower caused a different line that allowed me to hit an area that had oil in it. I do remember the rear coming sideways and then high siding me, but I don't under stand is why? The tyres were fine, I thought it might have been them, but I had my knee down a few places, and they never gave way. I also had a few rear tyre spins but nothing that was out of control. The only thing I can think of is it being oil. I spoke Mr. Roper and he made a good point that if it was the tyres then it would have just kept sliding (low side) but it catching and tossing me was probably oil and then no oil. He explained it much better then that though.

I felt fine after the crash. I mean fine for crashing, just soar nothing major a few new pains on the walk back with the Branson team wheeling my bike back. As time went on I was having chest pains and shortness of breath. By the time I went to sleep that night I couldn't take a any deep breaths. When I woke up my lungs were gone, just kidding, when I woke up I felt better but not much better. So by lunch time I was having a hard time enjoying smokes so I went to the hospital.

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Unless you find some obvious reason my guess would be something blocking one of the passages. Signs of oil in the area on tear down are not the best indicator. You could have had oil right up to the tiny orifice that feeds the bearing. The passage that goes from the curved slot in the cam bearing shell to the cam bearing itself is of course very important and very small. In general the left side passage is already large enough, the right side definately needs to be opened up. Doesn't hurt to go about two drill sizes larger on the right side and one on the left. If you are feeling like experimenting then open up the tiny bearing feed hole in the left side bearing shell...can't offer any advice there as I haven't done it yet. If you look very closely you will see where it was drilled externally and then plugged. If I was doing it I'd replug with a tiny set screw covered in locktite or even epoxied in.

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I'm at home with fractured ribs and a bruised lung. I have a little machine that measures my lung compacity when I inhale. I have friendly pills to keep the pain down so its really not that bad. The only problem is getting enough smoke in my system during this time.
Deeaaaammmnnnn.... NHIS sucks in the rain. Now I can see why all the old farts don't go out in the rain.

Happy pills + cheap wine = very happy, btw.

How come no one is harrassing Rob O. to get the results done?
'Cause people like me.

And 'cause no ones given me the results yet.
Thanks for the offers of help guys. I will have more questions than answers as it gets disassembled.
Some of the parts will come of my vert, but maybe over the winter. It would be a shame to take apart a good running bike and risk not making the grid.
Especially as I found some cracks that I noticed and measured before the weekend doubled in length on the rear rim of the BMW. It got 2 practices and 1 race.
aaron, obviously, im not uber modern guy, but ive seen those things toss guys alot. you'll never know what caused it for sure. i think those bikes having such large power to weight compared to anything seriously vintage makes them more sensitive to body position etc... zach can probably elaborate more. a different line could definitely be the answer, but also the fact youre not off the bike more, or over the rear, or anything. or how about the fact youve backed off and the tires have cooled a bit. who knows for sure. those things are super sensitive i bet to all of those things. and any one of them could cause trouble like that. after rabbies big highside in t7/8 a couple of years ago, and seeing some seriously bad highsides in t10, it made me think i never want to go that fast. so i wouldnt over think it too much. you'll never know. id just chalk it up to inexperience right now. i bet more seat time will let you feel things like that commin' and who knows, you might even be able to catch it before it happens! did ya hear about jays broken ribs??? from his rs crash in t11? you were flying though. pretty cool to watch. be sure to check chris' lap times at summit this comming weekend on mylaps. or maybe i'll post em for you.

nice seeing everyone this weekend. jb, glad you got hiroshis motor fixed. you didnt seem too rattled by it all. nice job dude.

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you looked real good this weekend on the rs. crashing happens when you push the envelope. oil/chopping throttle/quickly shifting weight/cold tires/etc.... anything could have resulted in the incident.

face it dude, at the rate of development that you are heading mr. zach should be worried.

now send me my money bitch, plus an extra $20 for the compliments.

awesome seeing you all this weekend.

j "not that" d you are a much better rider than you are a wrench. matter of fact you a better bartender than mechanic too! awesome race in form-cb, man you checked out! see ya in june.

any of you homos coming down to summit for the kamakasi run?

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Heal up quick. Way too many racers with broken ribs these days.
aaron doesnt have broken rids, hes got bruised lungs. i think it just means the nicotene will get into the blood stream quicker. bruised lungs, it sounds like it hurts. hes definitely a better bartender than mechanic. but we'll get that fixed asap.

craig, we all missed you this weekend, but dont worry, the injured rib quota was met without you. you would have pushed it over the top! we would have been good for years.

Craig you were missed at the track. Light weight was missing a few good riders.

Joe, you wenis, I told you I had fractured ribs on the phone. But mostly just bruised all over.

And Rob, I was asking JB for the results before he had gotten home from the race weekend and people would be bitch'n already. You do have a point though about people liking you.

What people have told me about the RS agrees with what you said. It's sensitive and requires more precise control. Just what you say, huge power to weight difference compared to a vintage bike, huge brake to weight difference from a vintage bike, huge steering quickness etc.

After one long vintage race weekend I came home and got on my street bike and almost highsided coming out of the driveway...was use to that slow, low power vintage throttle. Ditto the first few corners and times I used the brake. Then you wake yourself up and say..hold on, different animal here, without nearly the forgiveness of a vintage bike.
I'm really sorry to have missed out on the weekend. I had planned on leaving Friday morning for the track. I got told at work on Thursday afternoon that it would be a good thing to come in Friday before I left for NH. Then when I got in to work on Friday, still planning on leaving by noon, that it would be good if I stayed all day. And it would probably also be good if I just went ahead and planned to work all weekend.

Cooler was already packed with Saranac and speedies. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone. So I had a beer here at work in everyone's honor. I will be at the track in June.

I got the word from the Dr. yesterday that I could go ahead and start riding my bike on the street just not the track. He felt that riding on the street would be much safer. Both Dr. and wife agree that I can race again by Mosport.

Email me your email address and I'll send you the results.
And Rob, if your busy like we discussed at the track ,I can post the results for you or help you out anytime you want.

aaron, you didnt tell me that. just the bruised ribs part. sneezing kills. but the hiccups are the worst.

hey, jb said i was right!!!!

my month is made!!

aaron, you didnt tell me that. just the bruised ribs part. sneezing kills. but the hiccups are the worst.
I have a friend that used to race. He highsided in 9, broke a collarbone and a few ribs. After getting out of the hospital, his brother drove him to my place to leave his race stuff here. While here, he had to puke (painkillers made him sick) and he had the hiccups.

I felt so bad for him, but it was kindof funny seeing him sitting there..."Hiccup...owwww.......hiccup...owwwww...."

Results are up, bitches
Results are up, bitches
Speaking of results... wow that website is messy. Not only the layout, but the files themselves on the webserver.... I'll be working on the redesign this weekend in my copious amounts of free time.
Professional speaking, my colleagues and I use the phrase "yeah it fuck'n blows dude".

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